Food and services for all in downtown Vancouver

Contrary to most big cities in Canada, Vancouver’s downtown area is increasingly becoming people friendly and adapting to their needs.

A study from University of Alberta revealed that downtown Vancouver has the most grocery and convenience stores among the larges Canadian cities, offering a wide variety of options to its residents and those working in the trade area. The study also revealed that food retail is an important contributor to the core downtown’s economy and it is adapting to the raise in population and demand.

Cities like Montreal, Edmonton and Winnipeg have limited (if none at all) number of supermarkets and convenience stores in their core downtown area, making it difficult for its residents to buy their groceries, and forcing workers to eat at fast food retailers or to pay for elevated prices at full course meal restaurants.

For the Real Estate industry, this represents a great chance to diversify the commercial offer from the Downtown East side to the south, being the most desirable those commercial spaces on stand-alone lands. Nevertheless, investors are also willing to open their businesses in mixed area malls that facilitate the access to residential and office buildings.

As residential developments continue to grow in the Downtown East Side and Broadway corridor, demand for grocery stores will continue to increase, and will pose an opportunity for 1 or 2 supermarkets to open for business in 15,000sqft facilities to serve some 10,000 customers in the area; which can be a good investment opportunity other than residential properties.

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Canadian Millennials are doing better than their US peers in wealth and jobs

A recent report issued by TD Economics suggests that, contrary to the idea that millennials are facing harder labor market conditions and lower levels of wealth, Canadian millennials are enjoying a higher employment rate, more professional stability and higher purchasing power, especially for real estate.

According to TD Economics, about 50% of millennials in Canada have been able to become homeowners due to lower costs in education, lower student loan debts and better job conditions in our country. Canada was not so severely affected by the recession that impacted the US economy in 2008/2009, and this allowed the Canadian market to maintain a more stable employment rate and access to credit lines for young professionals.

Canadian Millenials - Homeowners

In recent years, female employment rates in Canada have reached near-record high levels, as many women have reached higher levels of education than their male peers. This has allowed more women consolidate themselves in the labor market and even reach managerial positions and better financial stability.

In this regard, the authors highlight that Canadian millennials have lower levels of student loan debt if compared to US students, but a higher mortgage debt than their parents had at their age or higher than their American counterparts; making them more vulnerable to sudden change in the housing market in Canada.

You can read the full report from TD Economics, here

How to find out a sold price for Vancouver homes without calling a REALTOR?

So, your neighbour just sold their home and you need to know the sold price, or maybe you are house hunting, or somebody bought a home that you liked making you curious about how much they paid?

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Not too expensive 300,000 sq.ft lot house near Vancouver is a fiction? You’d be surprised!

Hello Home buyers! Today we would like to show you that affordable 300,000 sq.ft lot house just outside of Vancouver is reality!

Some of these lots are good for subdividing for 40-50 lots and could be interesting investment opportunity. Enjoy!

1. #26692 112th Ave, Maple Ridge, BC, MLS# V1040269

 26692 112th Ave, Maple Ridge, BC, MLS# V1040269

Saddle up on this beautiful 5 Acre property. A great location for horses with miles of horse & hiking trails just outside your door. Nicely remodeled with quality through-out. Stainless appliances, hand scraped laminate flooring, new doors, hardware, thermo vinyl windows, crown moldings, baseboards & filtered water.

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