Community Guideline


EstateBlock Q-A Forum is an online forum in which members can ask and answer questions  about real estate, mortgages, inspections,  home buying and selling process and many others. . You understand that EstateBlock does not approve, control, endorse or adopt the content posted or supplied by third parties, but merely provides a service by allowing users to access information that has been made available by others. Any opinions, reviews, advice, statements, services, offers, or other information or content expressed or made available by third parties, including information providers and users, are those of the respective author(s) or distributor(s) and not EstateBlock. Third party content available through this site represents the opinions and judgments of the respective information providers or users. As a provider of interactive services, EstateBlock is not responsible or liable for the content, accuracy or reliability of any opinion, advice, review, statement or other information or materials posted on the site by or originating from any third party.  Your use of EstateBlock is subject to these Community Guidelines and the EstateBlock Terms of Use


While we have a Community Manager and Moderators, these forums are intended as a peer-to-peer community and, like any public forum, there are basic guidelines/rules everyone is expected to follow to maximize everyone's enjoyment of the community. 


We reserve the right to moderate or remove any and all posts, as well as limit access to this forum for users who repeatedly abuse the Community Guidelines. Please review these guidelines below, as well as the Terms of Use which govern use of the EstateBlock Forum.


Keep it clean: Use appropriate language and etiquette. Posts which include offensive or inappropriate language, or posts which may be considered rude or offensive, will be removed.


Keep it courteous: Healthy debate is encouraged but we will not permit any attacks, personal or towards a corporation or organization, on this forum.


Keep it on-topic: Any posting that is not relevant to the technical community, the topic at hand, or to other peoples’ comments, will be removed. Posts that discuss moderator action will be removed.


Keep it legal: Any posting relating to a legal or financial matter will be deleted. Do not post information that is known to be false, fraudulent, deceptive, inaccurate or misleading.


Keep personal info private: Please remember that this forum is public. For your own safety, please do not post any personal information about yourself or third parties (e.g. addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses). If we need to get in touch with you, we will do so via Private Message.


Keep it spam-free: Any posting assumed to be possible spam or overtly promotes any kind of product or service will be removed.  Duplicate or repeat posts, posting the same message in more than one thread, may be removed if it does not contribute to the conversation.


Also note that opinions expressed on this forum are those of their respective contributors only. The views expressed do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of EstateBlock, its management or employees. EstateBlock is not responsible for, and disclaims any and all liability to the fullest extent permitted by law for, the content of comments written by contributors to this forum.