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I’m new to Canada and BC. What are the different types of houses available in?

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There are several different styles of homes available at all levels of price ranges. You can buy: i. A mobile home, which allows you to move your home with you. This is usually the lowest priced option but you need to pay monthly rent for the pad. ii. An apartment or a condo is a home within a building, which can vary in price depending on the location of the building. iii. A townhouse, in BC, is a kind of group of homes that share a main wall but have their own entrances from the sides. iv. A duplex has two parts, each their own residence. Be sure to check your contract for which part of the shared spaces are yours. v. A semi-detached home shares a wall with another full sized house; it’s usually cheaper than a detached house depending on location. vi. A detached home is a free standing house, usually called a single family home.

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