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Manufactured houses. how much would I pay annually for the land? The Floor area indicated in the website, is it just the size of the house? Or it incl

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Short answer: you would pay for the assessed market value of the land and its improvements (i.e. the manufactured home/house on top of it plus other improvements). You can check the assessed value from the previous year at Long answer: The gross annual property tax for this year is first assessed by BC Assessment last year on July 1st. According to the Assessment Act, the assessor may price it bases on its current usage, location, replacement cost, original cost, investment or rental value, market price for comparables, economic value, and any other factors that may affect its value. Now the net value multiplies the tax rates for municipality, regional district, school district, hospital district, other taxing authorities taxes. It may also include taxes for sewage, water, and garbage/recycling. Sum that the products up and you have you gross tax for this year. Taxes is so wonderful...

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