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Being new to the Burnaby real estate in the buying market is scary and confusing without the help of professionals. However, with this guide, the buyers will be able to make their way through the city of Burnaby and locate the best home for sale in Burnaby in the best neighbourhood. The entire set of questions that come to your mind when looking for Burnaby Condos or Burnaby Houses for sale in a new city will be answered in this guide.

Moreover, this paper will provide you with the information about the city Burnaby.

Don’t stop here, read on and know all that you need to know about buying a house in Burnaby and all other aspects.

Let’s dig in!


About British Columbia

British Columbia is the western province of Canada. It borders the Pacific Ocean and is known for its spectacular natural beauty worldwide. BC has more than 4.6 million people living in it. The majority of the residents living in BC live in the Lower Mainland area. Moreover, BC’s land size equal to the combined size of France, Germany and the Netherlands.

The capitol of the BC is Victoria and it is located at the Vancouver Island. The most populated area of BC is Vancouver. BC receives over 40,000 immigrants every year, and majority of the BC’s population is made up from the huge number of immigrants.

The standard of living in BC is that of the high quality. Vancouver is considered to be world’s top city to work and live in. Though the living cost of BC is among the highest in Canada, which is due to the housing cost. Due to this, the average yearly earnings of an individual in BC are very high to pay off. The minimum, mandatory wage of an individual in BC is $10.45 per hour.

The residential market on BC is expensive as compared to the rest of the Canada. The house prices on the average in the BC are the highest in the cities like Vancouver and Burnaby. Majority of the people who are residing in Vancouver live in the suburbs like Coquitlam, Surrey and Delta. These areas offer lower housing costs and have more space that allows you to accommodate a family.

The city of British Columbia discussed here is Burnaby. Here, Burnaby has been described for you benefit and a detailed description of the city has been provided.


About Burnaby

Burnaby is an active concourse for the travelers, just 15 minutes from downtown Vancouver. Though from afar, Burnaby has all the towering evergreens and mountain sights, that is not the only case. Burnaby is a spatial area with the touch of nature around it. Burnaby has the shopping goldmine that is the Metrotown, the world of gastronomy that is in Heights, the theatre name after Michael J. Fox that is the calendar of multicultural art; there is a little of everything in Burnaby for the pioneer as well as homeowners. Moreover, the parks, lakes, shorelines, forests and the trails make Burnaby a true vacation paradise. In addition to all the attractions, Burnaby has a centrally located access to the Metro Vancouver.

Burnaby is certainly a great place to live, learn, work and play. Burnaby is working towards facilitating an engaged and active populace, a healthy economy and the respect for nature. Burnaby inhabits almost 38 square miles that are 98.6 square kilometers, and it is right in the center of the geographic Metro Vancouver. Burnaby has its features, including:


  •   25% of the land as parks and open space
  •   Recreational facilities
  •   Major post-secondary institutions
  •   Major commercial town center development
  •   Rapid transits
  •   Libraries
  •   High-technology research and business parks
  •   Arts, heritage, and cultural facilities


Getting to Burnaby

Since Burnaby is located at the center of Metro Vancouver, it is easily accessible through the major highways and the roadways that include Trans-Canada Hwy/BC-1 E, Barnet Highway, East 1st Avenue, Marine Drive, and Lougheed Highway. For someone moving from Canada, the highways certainly are the best way to go.

Also, for people coming outside of Canada or a far off place than Vancouver, then the Canada’s second busiest airport, the Vancouver International Airport is the best way to get to Burnaby. Over 19 million people come through the Vancouver International Airport, and Burnaby is just 25 minutes away by car or taxi.

For people coming from Vancouver Island, then Burnaby is just 45 minutes from the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal.


How to Get Started

The big question: Are you ready to buy a home in Burnaby? To answer that you need to answer a few other questions. First and foremost, do you have the essential financial assets? To purchase a home, you should at least have minimum five percent of the purchase price of the house to make the down payment. But more is good too! In addition to that, are there some other concerns in your life that need to be looked after i.e. starting a business or working on something else that might eat up your savings? If there isn’t any, then buying a house is ideal for you.

The second question that you need to answer is how long will you be staying in your new house? Since moving does not come cheap; moreover, you will have to build equity to relocate. You should keep your home and job life quite stable.

Being a homeowner means that, you can accumulate some wealth for the future while you also get to enjoy the benefits of a shelter that you can use, improve and even sell. Your house is your haven for future investments.

So, to get the fair idea about what is affordable and convenient for you, it is important that you make a checklist for yourself. For a first time home buyer, this list will effectively provide the general idea of what is right for you and what isn’t. As an example, you can consider whether you require the following services in the area where you will be living of not. These services can be:

  •   Buses
  •   Shopping facilities
  •   Schools
  •   Entertainment
  •   Hospitals
  •   Country or Town
  •   Own or Rent

These are just a few things that you need to consider, but as you move along the checklist will grow. To make things more interesting and easier, you can make the list based on your priorities. It is not likely that all these services will be available in the area you opt for. These aspects will influence your living preferences. Hence, keeping in mind the priorities of your life, you pick the place to live. It’s better to get something good and accessible now than to wait and move again.

Moving along, your checklist will increase as new things pop up in your mind while you make the main checklist for yourself. Just keep on writing them, and determine their relationship with your overall list. In addition to your basic checklist, you have to consider the geographical location that will help you in saving money and time. You have to consider the neighborhood you will be living in to get the sense of comfort and also consider what the community has to offer you before you make the leap of moving to a specific area.


Property Basics

For you being a first time home buyer, following are the questions that you should be aware of:

  •   How many rooms do you require? Several rooms or one or two? Do you need more than one bathroom? Or is there a need for extra space to work at home? Maybe you are looking for a two-car garage?
  •   Is air-conditioning absolutely necessary? Or do you need space for your hobby?
  •   Do you need a fireplace or swimming pool?
  •   Are there family members with special needs?
  •   Downtown or the suburbs?
  •   Do you plan on having children? Or do you already have kids? If so how will you look at your house?
  •   Do you have a car or will you need the proximity for work or recreational tasks?

A checklist while buying a house in Burnaby will save you from disappointment and is probably your best advisor in this whole process. Other than the checklist, it is also best for you to provide your REALTOR® with the exact idea about what you want. When you have the specifics and provide them to the REALTOR®, you can save a lot of time as your REALTOR® will most certainly discard the properties unfit to your needs and criterion. With the specifics at hand, the REALTOR® will certainly find the property that is couturier to your needs and the set budget.

If you haven’t gone through the pre-qualification mortgage process, you will require your REALTOR® to establish the amount of mortgage you are qualified for. The rate of mortgage varies substantially, and it is important that you shop around for the mortgage to get the best rate, options, and terms.

As a first time homebuyer, you might want to take the advantage of the federal government’s Home Buyers’ Plan. According to this plan you are allowed to use up to $25,000 of the RRSP when purchasing a house. This money is absolutely tax-free as long as you can pay it off in the period of 15 years. Here is another checklist for you to consider:

  •   Do you have pets? Will you need a sizable backyard?
  •   Is there enough storage space?
  •   Does the house require any remodeling for you to move-in?
  •   What kinds of services are available in the area? Like: cable, the internet, telephone or satellite.
  •   Is the house wired for such services?
  •   Is the cell reception good?
  •   What are the yearly property taxes?
  •   For the household utilities does the house use gas or electric?
  •   Are the major appliances aging and which ones are available in the house?
  •   Are there any major repairs down to the house? Like: Is the roof old? Has anything been damaged by the water like the basement or the foundation?
  •   Is the house free from the insect problems?
  •   When buying an older house, everything has to be prudently inspected.

The number one reason for the desire of owning a home among the Canadians is the “pride of home ownership”. As no landlord is looking over your shoulder and you can make home improvement, and they will always be in your benefit. Being a homeowner provides you with a sense of security and stability. Owning a home is the investment you make for your future.

Hence, the next thing that matters is the location, location, and location.

  •   How far will you be traveling and what is the percentage of the traffic in the area?
  •   If the children will be attending school, how will they travel?
  •   Are there parks and recreational sites nearby?
  •   Are your family members and friends close?
  •   Are there any safety matters?
  •   Is there appropriate access to the schools, work, shopping centers, public transportation, and hospitals?
  •   Is the reputation of the neighborhood poor and undesirable?
  •   Is the future financial environment in the area good?


Privacy and Noise Adherence

  •   The house’s proximity to the driveways, highways, parking lots, trains, etc.
  •   Is the building or house soundproofed?


Getting Around Burnaby

The City of Burnaby is on the southwest coast of Canada, which is in the province of British Columbia. That means that we are in the north of the United States border. Burnaby has an ample amount of bus services and 11 Skytrain stations, which makes Burnaby well-served by the public transit. Burnaby is also great for traveling via bike. The bike routes of Burnaby connect it from north to south, east to west and the neighboring cities from every side. Being a new homeowner in Burnaby, these routes will suit you the best, as you will be able to find the old locals and get to know more about the neighborhood you live in.


1. Real Estate in Burnaby


According to the statistics performed, Burnaby condos, townhomes and Burnaby houses sales in Burnaby passed the $100-million mark for the very first time since the year 2006. It went up to $100.6 million with a total transaction of 41. The reason for the increment in the real estate sales in Burnaby were due to the recovering market, Burnaby’s proximity to the port operation, YVR airport, downtown Vancouver and the two highways. Burnaby is quite a desirable place to be. Some of the reasons to buy a property in Burnaby are:

  •   Great value properties
  •   Desirable place to live in
  •   Excellent shopping malls and services
  •   Recreational facilities
  •   Wide transportation options
  •   Close to downtown Vancouver, YVR airport and the main highways

Burnaby is currently is red hot, so waiting around for purchasing a house in Burnaby might put you at a disadvantage. Several amazing houses, condos, apartments, and townhouses are listed in the MLS®.

According to the mayor of Burnaby, Derek Corrigan, Burnaby is a “Creative City”. Keeping this in mind it can be deduced that the focus is being done on the development of a lively and diverse infrastructure and tying it up with the residential real estate.

The residential property developments and other condos for sale in Burnaby that are to be noted are:

  •   The Empress
  •   The Jewel II
  •   The Concord-Pacific Development
  •   Polygon Development

The goals of housing in Burnaby are:

  •   To provide citizens with a range of choices regarding the living opportunities inside the city.
  •   Increase the opportunities for ground-oriented housing
  •   To make improvements to the neighborhood livability and stability
  •   To make sure that all the affordable housing requirements as well as special requirements are met completely.

2. More About Burnaby


Over the past 25 years, Burnaby has seen a significant shift in its demographic profile. It has slowly become a much urbaner and a culturally diverse community. The households in Burnaby have grown from 52,600 to 78,025, which is an increase of 48%.


The life and character of Burnaby come from the various places between Little Vietnam to Capitol Hills; it all originates from the vivacious tapestries of the neighborhoods, including the folkloric and traditional multiplicity. Each one of it propositions the people of Burnaby and the visitors to see and relate with the unique and unlimited life of Metro Vancouver. The popular Burnaby neighborhoods are:

  •   Brentwood - Brentwood is a neighborhood at the North of Burnaby that is aided by the Millennium Line.
  •   Deer Lake - Deer Lake is located in the center of Burnaby. Deer Lake is a 304-hectare urban park. Residents and tourists can rent a canoe and sweep the lake, relish in the works of art at the Burnaby Art Gallery or you can enjoy the amazingly flattering meals at the Hart House Restaurant.
  •   Edmonds - Edmonds is the southeast strip of Burnaby. Edmonds can be reached by the Expo Skytrain Line. Edmonds is an aquatic center, and it has been awarded distinction award.
  •   The Heights - The Heights is situated at the North of Burnaby. For residents and the tourists, it provides an amazing shopping extravaganza in the most historic neighborhoods. The street-level municipal of restaurants and shops has been established over 100 years ago. The feel of this area is nostalgic, even after so many years of its establishment.
  •   Lougheed - Lougheed surrounds the city of Coquitlam, and it features the Lougheed Town Center.
  •   Metrotown - Metrotown is situated in the southeast district of Burnaby and borders along Vancouver. Metrotown is a shopper’s nirvana, either residents or tourists. It homes the prevalent shopping mall in the British Columbia, Metropolis at Metrotown. Moreover, Metrotown has a Central Park in its area that features a swimming pool, the Swangard Stadium and other fun features. It is the best place for neighboring residents and tourists alike.
  •   Burnaby Mountain - Burnaby Mountain attracts people from all over the world to visit and checkout the Kamui Mintara sculptures. Also, you can catch the magnificent views of the city, the mountains, and the bay. This mountain is the household to Simon Fraser University and the SFU Clan athletics teams.


3. Burnaby Houses for sale


Burnaby houses for sale are prized as a separate living in the community. These include duplexes, link homes, modular homes and mobile homes. Far a large family where there are more than three people, a proper house is the best way to go. It wouldn’t hurt you to look into every option. Unlike condos, where there is no privacy, houses have privacy and an environment that not only helps you alone but your entire family.


Using the List

If there is a specific area or the number of bedrooms you are looking for, then you can visit www.estateblock.com for finding the best property according to your needs. In the beginning, the checklists you create, take it out and input that information to find the perfect property for you, available in your price range. With EstateBlock, finding an amazing property is no longer a big deal for a first-time buyer.

In the recent studies it has been deduced that Burnaby is the third most expensive city to be found in Canada. Above Burnaby are Vancouver and Richmond. The single family house in Burnaby reach up to a million dollar mark. The townhouses are half the price of a single family house, roughly coming up to $500,000. The condos are available at the range of $300,000.

The cost of living in Burnaby is better than that of Vancouver, but all in all it is still quite high. If you are not earning a good salary in this high paying society, then it can become hard for you to set a flexible income. The new homeowners should be aware that the minimum salary given in British Colombia is $10.45 per hour. The factors like, property taxes and the sales taxes make BC an expensive place to live in, yet a beautiful one.


4. Deciding on the Location


When looking for a property, there are always some factors that affect the decision that you make in purchasing. For example, if you have kids then you will look for good schools, low crime rate, and family entertainments nearby. If you are working and do not have your car, then either proximity to work or trains or buses will be essential for you. You will have to balance these factors to meet your budget. This element of buying a house should never be neglected.

To get the best experience, it is sometimes necessary to sacrifice some of the things off of your checklist.

Statistics about Burnaby

Incorporated as a city: 1892

Population 223,218 (2011 Census)

Diversity by the numbers: The following numbers show the visible minorities in the city and the percentages that are in relation with the entire population of Burnaby.

Total minority population: 111,295 (54.9 per cent)

  •   Chinese: 60,765 (54.6 per cent)
  •   South Asian:16,840 (15.1 per cent)
  •   Filipino:7,805 (7.0 per cent)
  •   Korean:7,680 (6.9 per cent)
  •   Southeast Asian:3,110 (2.8 per cent)
  •   Latin American:2,780 (2.5 per cent)
  •   Arab:695 (0.6 per cent)
  •   Other:9,160 (8.2 per cent)

Crime Rate

Now, you are looking at a location, and it is perfect, but do you think it is safe? The RCMP Crime Reduction Strategy in Burnaby has been effective since November 2009. It has been monitored the police that there has been a decrease in the crime types. Burnaby RCMP Crime Analytics can track every crime that is committed. The largest decline that has been noted was in:

  •   Breaking and entering
  •   auto thefts
  •   theft from vehicle
  •   robbery offenses

The Crime Reduction is wholeheartedly engaged with the citizens of Burnaby to ensure the public safety. Crime Analytics can use the information to track the fluctuating spots, identify the offenders responsible and the cause of the crimes. The Burnaby RCMP and the Vancouver Police Department work closely together to eliminate the crimes happening.

Moreover, you can use www.estateblock.com to get the breakdown of the neighborhood. You should keep in mind, before making the purchase that the crime and demographic rates change from year to year; therefore, it is advised that you look over the trends from time to time.


There are 41 elementary schools and 8 secondary schools in the Burnaby School District 41 that has an enrollment rate of 24,000 students. In the city, there are also two post-secondary institutions namely, Simon Fraser University and British Columbia Institute of Technology. The Burnaby School District 41 elementary schools that include the community schools and the 8 secondary schools offer kindergarten through Grade 12 educational program. It consists of approximately 200 provincially and locally developed education programs for the students.

You can use the heat map of www.estateblock.com to find the schools that are best in your area. If there happens to be no good school near your area, then homeschooling is the next best option for you.

However, the school district has a wide variety of programs to support the needs of every learner. These include:

  •   French Immersion
  •   Mandarin Language Arts
  •   Challenge Programs
  •   Academic
  •   Sports
  •   Online Learning

Burnaby’s school rankings are determined each year from the Fraser Institute.

Public Transits

Since Burnaby is located at the center of Metro Vancouver’s transportation system, it has access to the infrastructure that offers SkyTrains, SeaBuses, and buses that are running throughout the Lower Mainland. The SkyTrain operate in the Lower Mainland with 68 kilometers of track. There is a total of 49 stations and eleven of them are situated in Burnaby. Burnaby also falls under the Metro Vancouver’s Translink public transportation system. The buses run between 5 AM and 1 AM. The 11 SkyTrain station are spanned to the central and south Burnaby.

To locate houses that are the nearest to the bus stations or train stations, you will have to use www.estatblock.com. All you have to do is check out the SkyTrain on the map, and you can filter out the houses that are 250m, 500m or 1km away from the stations. Make sure that the route that you plan on taking is thoroughly mapped out, and also choose a house where there is sufficient parking space; if you own a car, you will need that space.

Community Amenity

The community amenity includes the:

  •   Major public open spaces
  •   Public facilities including, libraries, community or recreation centers, etc.
  •   Space for the community of NGOs
  •   Public art
  •   Public realm improvement that includes landscaping treatment and street furniture.
  •   Environmental enhances
  •   Childcare facilities

With www.estateblock.com, you can get the amenity map that will help you greatly in finding the houses that are near all these amenities. You can find house that is affordable right in the middle of all these amenities. Amenities play an important role in the decision of choosing a suitable house. However, you might be one of those who prefer more privacy, and you might look for a place that is in the proximity to all these amenities. By using EstateBlock map, you can surely find the property that will suit your individual interests.


In Burnaby, safety is not an individuals’ concern, but it is treated as a collaborative effort. Though the City staff, volunteers, RCMP and the community leaders work towards the safety of the citizens, it is also considered a responsibility of the citizens to keep up with the tips and the news regarding the safety programs and such.

Though the crime of Burnaby has been going down, safety is always a priority. By working along with the community leaders, you can ensure the safety. But while moving to a new place, make sure that there are a pedestrian walkway, prominent streets lights, and signs, and figure out the nearby places in case you face an emergency. Therefore, when you search for a property to purchase make sure that you are in the proximity of a hospital. There are some neighborhoods of Burnaby that have their private security watches, and there are also some local neighborhood community watches. Make sure that you inquire about these things before you move.


5. Neighborhoods and the Real Estate of Burnaby


The area of Burnaby is divided into three different sections, namely Burnaby East, Burnaby North and Burnaby South. These areas of Burnaby are further broken down into smaller and compact neighborhoods.

Brentwood Park

Brentwood Park, also referred as Brentwood is in Burnaby North and lies between Willingdon Avenue and Springer Avenue from the west and east respectively. In the North it is separated by the Hastings Street from the Capitol Hill and the line between the residential and the commercial area is the Lougheed Highway at the South. A park with the same name is situated in the center of Brentwood and Brentwood itself is like a horseshoe grid. The Beecher Creek joins the Burnaby Lake by flowing through the Still Creek at the South of Lougheed Highway, and it is the habitat for the salmon species.

The housing options in Brentwood are mostly single-family units; however there are high rise and low rise rental building situated near the Springer Avenue. Along the Skytrain track there are several condominium towers. Hence, you will be able to find many houses for sale and condos for sale at Brentwood.

According to the Burnaby MLS® listings about Brentwood there are several singly family houses for sale in areas like Northlawn Drive, Alpha Avenue, Madison Avenue, Brentlawn Drive, Dawson street etc. Apartments and condos for sale can be found in various locations like Madison Avenue, Buchanan Street, and Douglas Road etc., the buildings for condos and apartments are The Mosaic, Affinity, and Fresco at Renaissance etc. Prices in Brentwood range between $290,000 and $2,298,000.

Moreover, the area of Brentwood is accessible to various amenities from the Brentwood Station and the Holdom Station, and the bus routes loop around the area from the Brentwood Station.

Burnaby Heights

The official name for Burnaby Heights is Vancouver Height but the neighborhood is usually referred to as The Heights. The residential area of The Heights is a quiet one and is prestigious in the Burnaby North. It is situated between the Boundary Road, Gamma Avenue and Hasting Street in the west, east and south respectively.

At the Burnaby Heights you will find beautiful and prestigious townhouses for sales as well as the apartments and condos for sale in the area. The various locations where you can find the houses for sale are at Edinburg Street, Hastings Street, Eton Street, Esmond Avenue etc. and the condos for sale can be located at the Albert Street. The Burnaby MLS® listings indicated that the prices in Burnaby Heights ranges between $298,800 and $2,590,000.


Near the Burnaby Mountain is a single- family neighborhood that lies at the north eastern part of Burnaby. Between the Kensington Ave and the Duthie Ave at the west and the east respectively, you will find this beautiful neighborhood. In the north of Lochdale you will come across the Hastings Street and the in the south you will be confronted with the Halifax Street. Moreover, if you go deeper, you will find a residential area that is between the Burnaby Mountain and the Greystone Drive, which is the property of Lochdale. Lochdale has been branded with the Scottish name because of the Lochdale’s elevation that approaches the Burnaby Lake at some point.

The district of Lochdale was founded in the year 1912, and since its conception it has had several immigrants from the European background, which was before the World War II. Lochdale is mostly consisting of townhouses and single houses. According to the Burnaby MLS® listings, the townhouses for sale in Lochdale can be found at the Portland Street and Southwynde Avenue etc. The price range of the townhouses in Lochdale is between 309,900 and $1,688,000.

In Lochdale, at the center of Hastings Street and the Sperling Ave, is the Lochdale Community Hall, which is the last remaining from the early community hall times. While being in Lochdale, the public transits provide a connection to the shopping malls that are situated in this part of the Burnaby: Brentwood Town Center Hall, Lougheed Town Center Mall and the Kensington Square. In the Lochdale area, when you look for townhouses for sale, you will find that this area serves two elementary schools, namely, Lochdale Community and Westridge. Also, the Burnaby North Secondary School is also serving this area and other neighbors.


Metrotown is deemed as one of the four city’s town centers and it is located at the southwest part of Burnaby. Metrotown encompasses in the area of 730 acres and it surrounded by several of its neighbors like, Imperial Street, Royal Oak Avenue, and some local streets in the south, east and north respectively.

Moreover, Metrotown, being the center of the city is also the home to the Old Orchard Shopping Center. Additionally, Metrotown offers many amenities to the people living in Metrotown, there include: outdoor swimming pool, golf course, tennis court, and the Swangard Stadium. Since Metrotown lies at the center of the city, it has several condos for sale as well as the apartments; however, there are very limited houses for sale Metrotown. According to the Burnaby MLS® listings you can look for a condo for sale in the area like, Willingdon Avenue, Patterson Avenue, Nelson Avenue and many others. For the house for sale you will have to move along the Watling Street, Hurst Street, Royal Oak Avenue, Sidley Street and a few others.

Living in Metrotown would be very easy as there are schools for kids and recreational activities for others. The Marlborough Elementary School and the Maywood Community School are both situated at the borders of Metrotown. The closest of the secondary schools in Metrotown are the Moscrop Secondary School and the Burnaby South Secondary School.


To the Southwest of the Burnaby Mountain you will come across a neighborhood known as Montecito. It lies between Kensington Avenue and Greyston Drive and Arden Avenue at the west and east respectively. Montecito is also used as a part of the Lochdale neighborhood. In this area, you will come across two of the elementary schools namely, Sperling and Montecito. The area of Montecito serves the Burnaby Mountain Golf Course and the Squint Lake and the Montecito Park are easily accessible.

In Montecito, there are many exquisite and beautiful townhouses for sale as well as houses. The areas of Montecito that these houses and townhouse cover are the Lougheed Highway, Bainbridge Avenue, Broadway, Coronado Drive, Halifex Street and many others. According to the Burnaby MLS® listing, the prices of these townhouses range between $369,000 and $3,888,000.


Burnaby North has a hillside neighborhood named Parkcrest, and it is also adjacent to the Kensington Park, due to which the name Parkcrest was given to the neighborhood.

The housing in Parkcrest is entirely for the single-family. Also the prices in this area reflect the Burnaby North as the high middle class neighborhood. The two elementary schools in area of Parkcrest are Aubrey and Parkcrest and these are located at the opposite ends of the neighborhood. At the bottom of the hill you will find the Parkcrest Plaza for shopping and the three main shopping malls of Burnaby are only a few minutes away.

According to the Burnaby MLS® listings, the townhouses for sale in Parkcrest are at Curtis Street, Lorilawn Court, Parcrest Drive, Winch Street and various others. Since Parkcrest is solely a single family neighborhood you will not find condo or apartments around this area; hence, the best bet is to looks for houses for sale or townhouses for sale.


On top of the Burnaby Mountain is the award winning sustainable community of Simon Fraser University district shortened as UniverCity. At the present time, the community of UniverCity is a home for over 3,800 residents.

The real estate in this area consists of apartments, condos and houses. The condos for sael can be located at the University High Street, Highland Court, Tower Road, and University Crescent. The townhouses for sale can be found at the University Crescent and Augusta Avenue, including others. Prices of the condos and houses in UniverCity between the range of $218,800 and $3,680,000.


Att he western slope of Burnaby Mountain is a residential neighborhood known as the Westridge. It is cut into half by the Inlet Drive and each part has its unique value. The western half is close to the shores of the Inlet and the eastern half climbs the Burnaby Mountain.

Moreover, there are hiking trails of the Burnaby Mountain that are to be enjoyed and the there is also the Barnet Marine Park that provides a great view of the Burrard Inlet and the Indian Arm. The houses for sale in this area range from $175,000 to $2,748,000.

Willingdon Heights

Between the two major roads, Boundary Road and the Willingdon Avenue in the west and east respectively, lies the Willingdon Heights. The Willingdon Heights is located below the shopping district of the Heights, and it is also very close to the Brentwood Town Center Mall. Some of the famously know stores that are located nearby are Staples, Office Depot and Costco.

The Burnaby MLS® listing indicate that there a major number of houses for sale, and a few condos and townhouses for sales as well, in the areas like, Pender Street, Georgia Street, Esmond Street, Parker Street, and Gilmore Street. The prices of these Burnaby condos and houses for sale ranges from $439,000 to $1,980,000

Capitol Hill

A hill at an elevation of 203 meters in Burnaby North is the Capitol Hill. Due to the presence of the hill, the neighborhood that spans the summit of the hill is named as such. The Capitol Hill is surrounded by Hasting Street, Willingdon Avenue and the Fell Avenue at the north, west and east respectively. Because of the multicultural communities of this neighborhood, Capitol Hill is well known. In addition to its diversity it is a well-placed neighborhood for the students as it is connected with the Simon Fraser University.

In Capitol Hill you will find many apartment buildings and most of them are situated at the Hastings Street. But even so, the major part of the neighborhood consists of single family houses. Moreover, you get to view the amazing sights of Indian Arm, Burnaby Mountain and the Mount Baker at the east.

The neighborhood has the facility of the bus that connects the community with the Heights shopping district. The Trans Canada Trails borders the northern side of the hill and the Confederation Park is located at the foot of the hill. Living in Capitol Hill wouldn’t be a bad decision at the least.

According to Burnaby MLS® listing several houses for sale can be found in the areas like, Howard Avenue, Ellesmere Avenue, Frances Street, Delta Avenue, Dundas Street, Pandora Street, Oxford Street and others. The price range of the houses and townhouses for sale is between $269,400 and $3,680,000.


6. Things To Do


Burnaby has a whole lot of things to offer to both its residents and tourist alike. The cultural activities and events that take place in Burnaby are all family-friendly.

Arts and Heritage

Burnaby has simple message when it comes to art that is “look into the arts”. Burnaby offers its residents to explore the wealth of classes, exhibits and performances. When you look for houses for sale in Burnaby, make sure that you also take into account the arts and heritage of the city. If you are looking for inspirations or tired from your daily routines, all you need to do is attend an exhibit at the Burnaby Art Gallery, or attend a performance at the Shadbolt Center. You can even go back in time by visiting the Burnaby Village Museum, or you can take on a program at the Bonsor Complex. While finding a place to live in Burnaby, give yourself the advantage of bringing out the artist in you by taking in the arts of Burnaby.


Burnaby is surely a city of greens. If you find a house or townhouse for sale in Burnaby that is close to the nature, never let it go! The fresh and free oxygen that the great outdoors of Burnaby has to offer are no small feats. The outdoors of Burnaby offers an intoxicating experience for those people who are holed up in their office all day long. Whether you go out with the family or for a solo run, keep up with the nature’s bounty. Once you become a resident in Burnaby, make sure to explore the following:

  •   Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area
  •   Kensington Park
  •   Taylor Park
  •   Nature Trails
  •   Bike Routes and Urban Trails
  •   Barnet Marine Park
  •   Deer Lake Park
  •   Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park


Burnaby has a lot to offer to the residents plus the tourist. Even as a resident there will be several places in Burnaby that you have even set foot in. You can visit the incredible museums, boutiques and galleries. You can even enjoy performance, music and theatre that are out of this world. You get to experience the amazing eateries of the city, especially the ones that are along Kingsway in Metrotown. Visit the various attractions; Burnaby has to offer to you as a resident. Burnaby is the best place to bring out the adventurous side of you.

Community Centers

Once you look for a condo for sale, or a house for sale in Burnaby, make sure you get the look at the community centers in your neighborhood. Burnaby has quite a lot to offer in that area as well. Some of the community centers are mentioned below:

  •   Bonsor Recreation Complex
  •   CG Brown Memorial Pool
  •   Edmonds Community Center
  •   Willington Community Center
  •   Bill Copeland Sports Center
  •   Kensington Complex
  •   Burnaby Lake Sports Complex West
  •   Swangard Stadium
  •   Bonsor 55+ Center
  •   Confederation Community Center
  •   Creekside Youth Center
  •   Summit Youth Center
  •   Youth Lounge at Edmonds
  •   Wesburn Community Center
  •   University Highlands
  •   And much more…


About 6,000 people living in Burnaby visit the Burnaby Public Library. Burnaby Public Library provides the access to the residents and students an access to a wide range of world’s stories and information. It is believed in Burnaby that the community should be one where the people are well informed and literate.


Being a resident in Burnaby, if you are focused toward helping others then Burnaby provides the opportunity for you to volunteer and help the community. The places where you can volunteer are:

  •   Senior 55+ Recreation: Here you can help with the food services, bus trips and special events and other leisure activities for the people who are 55 years old or over.
  •   Giro di Burnaby. The volunteer who help in Giro di, make this cycling even a success. The responsibilities include supervision of street closures, pedestrian crossing and others. All the volunteers are required to work only on the day of the event.
  •   Burnaby Art Gallery. By becoming a volunteer at the Burnaby Art Gallery, you can join in on the art classes, gallery tours, community art programs, receptions and exhibition preparations.
  •   Shadbolt Center for the Arts and Special Events. Here you can volunteer for the fine arts and music programs, day camps and other special events.

Be Involved

As it has been said before, Burnaby is a great place to live, work, learn, visit and play. The community of Burnaby is close-knit where everyone is involved one way or another. Burnaby opens its arms for all citizens to get involved in the city.

  •   Know the City Hall
    •   Meet with the mayor and the council
    •   Get the election information
    •   Attend the City Hall tours
    •   Get the City Hall Map
    •   Know how Burnaby is organized
    •   Understand the decision making process
  •   Connect with the City and the Community
    •   Be active, volunteer
    •   Understand the heritage of Burnaby
    •   Get involved in Civic engagement
    •   Be a sponsor and donate

Services given by the city

Garbage and Recycling

The city of Burnaby provides the residential collection of garbage, yard trimming and food scraps to about 40,000 single and two-family households, and about 35,000 multi-unit households. Moreover the garbage and recycling services are also provided to the businesses and schools. As a resident of Burnaby it will be you responsibility to help in the reduction of waste. This way you will be able to help the City of Burnaby move towards the goal of achieving 70% waste diversion.

Fire Departments

The fire department of the city of Burnaby provides the highest level of fire related services, so that the life and the properties in the city of Burnaby stay unharmed.

Roads and Traffic

The city of Burnaby provides it people with security when it comes to the roads and the traffic during different occasions. Following are the ways they help:

  •   Snow and ice control: The city of Burnaby plow the snow during the snow and ice conditions and are available 24/7. However, they perform the tasks based on the priority. For example, the main streets like Lougheed, Kingsway and Canada Way are the most important to be plowed first. Then the emergency response routes, bus routes and Collector Street, local roads with slops and so on. But as a resident you have a role as well. You are required to clear the way and reduce the hazards; it is your duty to help the officials of the city in clearing up the roads.
  •   Special Events: Special events mean those occasions when traffic control is required by the citizen of the city. During these events, the community of Burnaby requires the residents to be compliable and work in juncture with the community officials to avoid further confusions.
  •   Local Area Service: These are the neighborhood improvement tasks that the city has taken upon itself. These improvements are done for the benefit of the property owners. This includes: pavement widening, lane paving, and installation of street lights, planting and replacement of the trees.

7. Attractions of Burnaby


Burnaby is considered to be the focus of the universe in terms of attractions. Though Burnaby itself has countless things to see and do, but since it is located in the center of Metro Vancouver, it has access to almost all the main attractions. Some of the grandest, popular attractions that you must visit when you start living in Burnaby are mentioned here.

Burnaby Central Railway

As the name suggests, what can you do at a railway station, right? But that is not the only case here. Burnaby Central Railway is a classic exemplary steam train and you can tale the tour of the biggest and best parks in Burnaby. This is what’s called, sightseeing in style. It is of no concern whether you are an eight year old or an eighty year old; everyone can enjoy the ride on the classic model train.

Burnaby Village Museum

Visiting the Burnaby Village Museum is like time-travelling back to the era of 1920s. You get to experience life in Burnaby as it used to be just by visiting this amazingly apt museum. The self-guided tours of the museum allow you to explore the village and the farmhouse at your own pace, no need to hurry it up. Moreover, the BC Electric Railway takes you around the village and the costumed interpreters invite you in to homes, shops and businesses to give you the complete sense of the 1920s Burnaby.

Capilano Suspension Bridge

The Capilano Bridge is suspended over 230 feet above the river and 450 feet across the Capilano River and it is a breathtaking sight. Over the Capilano Suspension Bridge you get to view the towering evergreens, tranquil trails and the most beautiful of them all, the Treetops Adventure. This walk takes you to the heights of the forest floors and to the heart of the very forest. With a guided nature walk you get to discover the amazing mysteries of the forest and you get to view the stunning canyons.

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden

This happens to be the best city garden according to the television channel, National Geographic, and is also considered to be one of the places that truly matter according to the Vancouver Heritage Foundation. Here you can relax and sip of the Chinese tea and enjoy the stunning art exhibitions.

Over Canada

Among the 7000ft of Mountain Cheam is a place that is a gathering of uniquely different gardens, and it is such a spectacular sight that you won’t get enough of it. The Minter Garden is within the 32 acres of the floral creativity and has 11 themed gardens that are designed to boggle your senses.

Grouse Mountain

Grouse Mountain is of the most visited mountains as it is a four-season alluring place to visit. It has a Skyride, which is said to be the largest aerial tram system in all of North America. It takes the visitors almost 3700 feet above the city. The panoramic view of the ocean and the mountains is a sight not to miss. Various activities are held throughout the year, you can visit any time of the year and get the most out of it.

Hells Gate

Hells Gate is located in the supernatural interior of the British Columbia. It is one of the most magnificent sights in form of nature. Over 200 million gallons of water gush through the 25 meter, that is 110 feet, wide canyon. This happens to be twice the volume of that of the Niagara Falls.

Lynn Canyon

The Lynn Canyon Park was made accessible to the public in the year 1912. Whether they tourist or residents, Lynn Canyon is a popular destination among them. The Lynn Canyon grew from its 12 acres to 617 acres, to this date. For family picnics, leisure hike, or a swim, Lynn Canyon seems to be the best option.

Lynn Canyon is also home to a suspension bridge that is 50 meters above the canyon. Moreover, various paths and trails lead to other parks in the region, a never-ending adventure.

Metropolis and Metrotown

Metropolis is a shopping city that home almost 200 stores. It is the prime and the largest mall to be found in the British Columbia. Here you get to enjoy the movie theatres, restaurants, entertainment and most importantly shopping.

Museum of Anthropology

University of British Columbia is the home to The Museum of Anthropology, and is known for is displays of the world’s best arts and culture including the works of First Nations people. Other than being a tourist destination, it is also a research and teaching museum.

Robson Square

This is one of the provincial landmarks and the only outdoor skating rink in Vancouver. It is located at the heart of Vancouver, and what’s more, it’s free!

Squamish, BC

As said, being in Burnaby means you get to enjoy many places since they are so close. Squamish is a place that can be visited at any time of the year. You will find a huge diversity in terms of activities, and that too at the front door of the community. Squamish is known for its activities like rock climbing, wind surfing, and also mountain biking. Other than the activities, another reason to visit Squamish is its community of diverse peoples. Whether you are a sport fanatic or nature fanatic, even an art fanatic, you will find all this at Squamish.

Living in Burnaby won’t be such a bad experience for you in the long run; there are so many places to be in Burnaby and around. Being at the center means the world is just at an arm stretch away.




When it comes to Burnaby, it surely is an amazingly beautiful place to live in. This is a guide that helps you in understanding Burnaby as a city and also provides you the information about Burnaby real estate and Burnaby homes for sale information. Through this guide, you will find the necessary things your need to know about a city and how to live in it. There is no doubt that you will get hooked up on Burnaby and it living environments.

Burnaby and its real estate offer a tremendous amount of options for the people looking to relocate. There is no doubt that once you set foot in Burnaby, you will be in shambles as to which neighborhood to choose for settlement. There is no limit to the locations that Burnaby has to offer and the beauty of the city is another matter entirely.

With this, we conclude all that we have compiled for, let’s just take a look at what you should keep in mind once you buy a property in Burnaby. Here are the steps for living and buying a property in Burnaby, listed once again for you to understand:

  •   Go for the long haul When you search for a home, look for a home in which you can picture yourself living in for the next five to seven years. It takes a lot of time and effort in buying and moving to a new house. Moreover, it can add a significant amount in the closing and moving costs. If you stay in a place for a long time these extra costs can be save exponentially.
  •   Room to Grow Buy a house that will adapt to the changes that take place in your life. If you are unable to get a place that fulfills your future anticipations, then you should get a place that will allow you to build on it later on.
  •   Be flexible When looking for a house for sale, consider the multi-purpose of the rooms so that you can utilize your home in a functional manner.
  •   Go for your type Think over the style of the house, apartment, condo or townhouse that you need. These are not the sizes that can fit all. You need to choose a place that fulfills your requirements.
  •   Go through your surroundings Once you purchase a house, you are not only buying a house but also buying yourself into a neighborhood. Though you have your house, but it is important to know the neighborhood you live in, whether it will suit you or not. Consider all the things like, how far are the shops and services? Is the school across the street good enough? Therefore, it is always best if you find a place or community in which you will enjoy yourself.
  •   What you can afford Don’t go overboard with your house purchasing. Leaf through your finances and determine what you can afford and what you cannot. This will help you in the future expense and also prevent you from exceeding your expenses. It is a whole lot smarter to buy a house that fits your budget. If you stay down to earth while purchasing a house, you will be able to face the unexpected challenges in your financial in the future.
  •   Think of it as a “Home” When you are buying a house, think of it as a home and not as a dollar sign that you will get in some years’ time. Buy a place that will be great to live in, not a place that will be good for an investment.
  •   Old and New Though it might be great to move into a place that is brand new, but new does not mean it is great. While purchasing a house, look for both new and old.
  •   Location This is the most frequently repeated tip that you have been provided with throughout this guide. Location matters the most when getting a house. If you buy a house that is located in a noisy and busy street it will not be enjoyable. Also, when the time comes to sell, a poor location will decrease the value of the house.

There are still things that will help in getting a house in Burnaby, BC. To be successful homeowner in Burnaby and to enjoy the sights and beauty of the Burnaby you will have to go in some deep researches! We have provided you with the details about the city and its working in regards to real estate. Now, it is your turn to choose for the various options of houses for sale, townhouses for sale, condos for sale and apartments for sale. Burnaby real estate is no joke; it is in abundance with many choices for you.