Vancouver startup has created a search engine that helps parents buy homes near top rated schools.

It’s a nightmare scenario for any home buying parent. It’s almost school time for the kids, but the family is still looking for a new place to live.  After weeks or sometimes months of endless searching, they think they’ve found the perfect home. They did the home tours, travelled around with an agent from one neighbourhood to another, and finally seem to have found what they want.

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Not too big or too small, the new home has every feature on their list, and the price is within their budget. Finally, they close on the house and the whole family moves in.


Only later, after the kids are in school, do the problems arise. What seemed like a nice neighbourhood, turns out to have a not-so-nice school district. No parent wants this to happen, but how can they be sure their new home is right in the first place?


The website allows users to enter a search for new homes to buy, but unlike many other real estate websites on the internet today, the site gives a lot more information in its results.

“Parents want more information when buying a home for their family, not less,” said Vadim Marusin, one of the startup’s founders.  “This is where the real power of our search engine comes in.”


“Anyone can search and in a few moments know exactly all the information they could want about a specific neighbourhood. The results can be filtered to give exactly the details that a person needs.”

“For example, the search engine can show how good a school district is near a home, or how much crime is in the area” among dozens of other options, he said.

For parents, the benefits are obvious. Instead of days of research about school districts and looking for ratings and boundaries, they can instead have that information in moments.


“Imagine easily finding a home in an excellent public school district, versus moving to another district and now having to pay for a private school,” he said. “That’s our goal, to help every family get exactly the home they want.”